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    Diving Into Deeper Learning at TEDxDenverTeachers

    On March 14, Marc Chun, education program officer for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, gave a TED talk titled “Diving Into Deeper Learning” at the TEDx DenverTeachers event.

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    Deeper Learning at Impact Academy

    Rahil, a student at Impact Academy in Hayward, California, describes what the school’s deeper learning approach — a focus on critical thinking, problem solving, project based learning, and communicating effectively — has meant for him and his family. Impact Academy is part of Envision Schools, a group of schools dedicated to preparing students to succeed in a changing world.

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    What Does Deeper Learning Look Like?

    Meet the students and teachers of City Arts and Technology. At the heart of the school’s approach to teaching and learning is the school’s unique deeper learning assessment system.

  • The Quest for ‘Deeper Learning’

    After months of research and consulting with more than a hundred top thinkers in the fields of education, business, and public policy we asked ourselves one question: what could we do to make the biggest impact for students and teachers?

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    Preparing Students for a Changing World

    The increasingly complex world demands much of its students. In almost every aspect of their lives, young people are being asked to learn more, process more, and produce more. “A Time for Deeper Learning” (PDF) examines deeper learning, explains its necessity, and analyzes the growing body of global evidence supporting its widescale implementation.

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