Diving Into Deeper Learning at TEDxDenverTeachers

On March 14, Marc Chun, education program officer for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, gave a TED talk titled “Diving Into Deeper Learning” at the TEDx DenverTeachers event.

In his talk, Marc speaks about engaging pedagogy and deeper learning competencies, but the core of his talk is about the concept of transfer.

What is transfer? As Marc explains: “Transfer, quite simply, is a situation where what is learned at one point in time influences performance at a later point in time.” He goes on to note that, “There are many different ways that we can parse this.” For example, “we can think about ‘near transfer,’ so if I learn to add numbers on a worksheet, I can add numbers on a test; that’s near transfer, it’s quite similar. There’s something called ‘far transfer,’ where if I learn about air flow by building a windmill, can I apply that by building a sail for a better sailboat? As educators, what we’re really striving for is far transfer.”

The 16 minute video is engaging and discusses the critical importance of teaching students to be able to apply their knowledge to myriad situations both in and out of the classroom.

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