Overview of Deeper Learning

  • Deeper Leading: New Tech Network’s Jim May details his takeaways regarding deeper learning from his participation in the first-ever Deeper Learning Conference in 2013. This article details his thoughts on how deeper learning will impact adult learners. -Getting Smart
  • Deeper Learning Defined: The Hewlett Foundation published this article in April 2013, completely defining and detailing the six deeper learning competencies. -The Hewlett Foundation
  • Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day: Preparing students for a more demanding economy and more diverse community includes the implementation of deeper learning concepts,. This report provides examples and debunks myths regarding the construct. -The Hewlett Foundation
  • Deeper Learning Resource Page: AYPF has organized a number of study tours focused on deeper learning and practice issues. -American Youth Policy Forum
  • Does Deeper Learning Improve Student Outcomes?: The study aimed to provide evidence about whether the concept of deeper learning – applied across a variety of reasonably well-implemented approaches and a diversity of students – has potential merit as a means for education improvement. -The Hewlett Foundation
  • Dr. Tony Wagner’s Keynote Speech from Deeper Learning 2013 at High Tech High in San Diego, 4/15/2013
  • Essential Reading List for Deeper Learning: A comprehensive list of “great reads” written by Deeper Learning experts. -The Teaching Channel
  • Description of Deeper Learning: The Hewlett Foundation details exactly what deeper learning is, why deeper learning is important, how it prepares students, how it is possible for all students, and how the Foundation is committed to ensuring deeper learning gains traction in American education. -The Hewlett Foundation
  • The Learning Deeply Blog: Hosted by Education Week and organized by Harvard education professor Jal Mehta and education writer and senior fellow at the Alliance for Excellent Education Robert Rothman, explores the practice and policy issues around expanding deeper learning. -Education Week
  • Mapping the “Deeper Learning” Literature Use Cohere: This slideshow evaluates Cohere as a tool for enhancing the literature review process and its potential for collaborative learning around issues of shared significance with interested partners. -University of Technology Sydney
  • NASBE- Publications: State Education Standard and Deeper Learning Study Group and Resources -NASBE
  • NASBE- Webinars: Deeper Learning Webinars draw perspectives from leading state and national experts for providing students a college, career, and civic ready education. -NASBE
  • OpEd The Quest for Deeper Learning: This 2010 article documents Barbara Chow’s “quest” to get more education programs to adapt deeper learning in their schools. -Education Week
  • Soft Skills Are ‘Hard As a Rock’: Lydia Dobyns argues the merits of soft skills – such as “work ethic, collaboration, and critical thinking” – in comparison to hard skills, asserting that both are necessary for college and career readiness. -Huffington Post
  • Spotlight on Deeper Learning: The Education Week Spotlight on Deeper Learning is a collection of articles hand-picked by their editor for their insights. -Education Week
  • Deeper Learning is Deep Knowledge- Response Blog: Robert Rothman responds to Tom Loveless’ critique that deeper learning is hostile to content knowledge. -Alliance for Excellent Education
  • The Elusive Quest for Deeper Learning: In this excerpt for the Harvard Business Letter, Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine question, “How can schools consistently generate deeper learning for all of their students?” The two seek the answer, but cannot find one concrete solution. -Harvard Education Letter
  • The Hewlett Foundation Education Program Deeper Learning Review: Executive Summary: This document provides an overview of the progress made to date through Deeper Learning investments, a determination of the main risks to its success, and the development of a set of high-impact, actionable recommendations for how the Hewlett Foundation might evolve its Deeper Learning strategy to minimize risk and maximize impact in the years ahead. -The Hewlett Foundation

Preparing Educators for Deeper Learning

  • Learning That Lasts: Challenging, Engaging, and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction, with DVD: This book serves as an instructional guide for educators seeking to reform their classroom practices to expand deeper learning opportunities for their students. -Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin, Anne Vilen, Jal Mehta
  • Deeper Learning and e-learning: A review of promising programs and emerging technologies in online teacher professional development- The Hewlett Foundation Library
  • Deeper Learning MOOC: A free, flexible, nine-week online course that will allow K-16 educators to learn about how deeper learning can be put into practice. -High Tech High
  • Deeper Professional Learning: A hands-on to design deeper professional learning experience for teachers -K12 Open Ed
  • Developing a System of Micro-credentials: Digital Promise is building a system of micro-credentials to provide professional educators a new way to identify competencies they are developing and gain recognition for the skills they learn throughout their careers. -The Hewlett Foundation Library
  • Educator Micro-credentials: Showcase of the set of 40 educator micro-credentials Digital Promise has designed to ensure teachers have the competencies necessary to support Digital Learning experience in their classrooms. -Digital Promise
  • How To Teach US is a MOOC: Provides educators with strategies to integrate student voice into their educational process of several students from HTH. -High Tech High Graduate School of Education
  • Navigating New Courses for Deeper Learning Through Inquiry and Participatory Learning: Buffy J. Hamilton presents ideas on how inquiry and participatory learning can enhance deeper learning instruction. -Creekview High School
  • Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning: The interactive guide captures a diverse set of voices whose missions address educational leadership challenges. Findings include a description roles required for leading toward deeper learning and recommendations for prep and develop to better prepare deeper learning leaders. -Getting Smart & Digital Promise
  • Student-Centered Learning: What if students themselves were the focus, and the primary goal was to structure their learning in the way that best met their individual needs? -Education Writers Association
  • The Excitement of Learning From Profit and Loss: Learn how a program called “Build” has made it possible for low-income students to work in teams and discover their potential to deal with and solve complex problems. -New York Times

Standards and Assessments

Federal, State, and Local Policy

  • Education for the 21st Century: The Role of State Boards in Advancing Deeper Learning: A discussion about deeper learning competencies, and the role state policy-making plays. Panelists discuss some of the policy challenges surrounding deeper learning, and how policies at the local and state level that can empower the development of these deeper learning competencies. -NASBE
  • Jobs for the Future’s Students at the Center Deeper Learning Research Series: This series builds knowledge on deeper learning in formats that policymakers can draw upon to keep deeper learning outcomes front and center as they engage in the real-time decisions that will affect how our schools can help students become highly competent and productive workers and engaged citizens for the 21st century. -Jobs for the Future
  • Every Student Succeeds Act Primer: The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 offers a number of opportunities for states and districts to advance deeper learning and ensure that all students graduate from high school with the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, collaborate with peers, communicate effectively, and be self-directed. Deeper learning is the delivery of challenging academic standards to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn, and then apply what they have learned. True deeper learning is developing competencies that enable students to graduate from high school ready for college and a career and then make maximum use of their knowledge in life and work. -The Alliance for Excellent Education

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