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New Video: How Must Education Change?

The way that America works is changing – and to keep pace, education must change, too. What are the skills students need, and how high schools prepare them for life after graduation?

Watch this new video from Alliance for Excellent Education to see how education must change and to see what dynamic learning looks like in the classroom.

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Deeper Learning Digest

A bi-weekly roundup of articles, blog posts, and other content around deeper learning.

  • Deeper Learning Digest: What’s in Students’ Digital Backpacks? June 15, 2018
    Imagine students maintaining a digital portfolio of their deeper learning skills, keeping track of projects and tasks that have involved critical thinking, collaboration, communication. This week’s digest features “digital backpacks” full of deeper learning skills for Kentucky students. Also check out a major personalized learning initiative in Fresno, a new deeper learning model in Virginia, […]
  • Deeper Learning Digest: Twitter Chat, Much? June 1, 2018
    Twitter chat, much? That’s where all the deeper learning action is these days! From a Hewlett Foundation chat today at 1:30pm ET, to a chat solely focused on assessment for learning earlier this week, the Twittersphere is buzzing with talk of deeper learning. In addition to info and highlights from these chats, this week’s digest […]

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